Thursday, February 05, 2015

Elmo got me this! Sort of.

February 3 was the birthday of Elmo from Sesame Street, and to celebrate Hastings had a "$5 off $25 purchase" coupon. Which, coupled with the review from, was enough to get me to buy the DC Collectibles Thrasher Suit Batman!

He's a great size, and you can either unmask him as Bruce Wayne in a big robot suit; or have him be a Bat-Robot. He's pretty great.

The above joke may be at least partially stolen from a Mike Baron/Ron Lim issue of Badger, which, incidentally, also included cross-dressing ex-Nazis turned nuns fighting to save the rain forest. Man, I need to find that issue again...


SallyP said...

Heh. Badger! I miss that book, it was ridiculous...but fun.

googum said...

And I think the bad guy's next line was, "Oh, I didn't build this. I leased it, from the American inventor, Gyro Gearloose..."

Dale Bagwell said...

Gyro Gearloose....the inventor from Duck Tales?

Cool figure though. Looks damn tempting.
If you have or had a IM Hulkbuster figure, I'd have em go at it Rock em Sock em Robot-style.

And yeah, Tony would so sue Bruce for this;)