Monday, February 16, 2015

Almost nine years of Random Happenstance, yet I still could've just named this stupid blog "Where did I put that goddamn comic?" Luckily, I found this issue the other day, and while it wasn't quite the one I was looking for, at least I didn't break my rule about buying a comic just because I can't find it right now...and actually that's not so much a "rule," as it is a "suggestion." Maybe just a notion...From 1989, Badger #47, "Handmaidens of the Sacred Blood" Written by Mike Baron, pencils by Ron Lim, inks by Paul Abrams.

Harvesting rare hardwoods, corrupt corporations invade the Brazilian rain forest, closing in on the last habitat of the Juju Jaguar. The Handmaidens of the Sacred Blood, a convent founded by transsexual ex-Nazis but expanded to include ex-corporate types seeking redemption, defend the forest; but fear they may not be enough. So, they call Badger and Ham for help, who come a'running, with Badger's new wife Mavis as well. Badger's a little put out that Mavis helps herself to one of his shirts, his uniform in camo; but while Mavis loves her husband, she doesn't put up with a lot of his crap, either.

Captured while investigating the loggers, Badger and Ham face Gichen Rotsaruck, who may be borderline offensive; and piss him off with haiku. Or doggerel, at any rate. Badger challenges Rotsaruck, who reportedly was a "third degree black belt from the All-Japan Karate Club," and pummels him a bit around the head and shoulders. Rotsaruck dishonorably goes back on his word to free them, but Mavis does, also blowing up a batch of logging equipment. Rotsaruck swears bigger machines are coming, and as our heroes leave, they encounter the Juju Jaguar...

A somewhat silly issue, but a bit of fun. Ron Lim had a few issues left here, before Marvel grabbed him!

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Dale Bagwell said...

That banter between Badger and his wife looks interesting enough(Did not know he was married)

Amd non-Marvel Ron Lim art too.
I didn't think I've seen any ther non-Marvel work of his besides his brief stint @ DC in the mid-90's.

Happy 9 years man.
I honestly don't know how you've managed to go on this long and not have writer's block or run out of ideas yet.
But I'm definitely glad you haven't man.
Here's to many, many, many, many more.