Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Get your thumb outta the scan!

Catman should be eternally grateful to one Gail Simone, since I keep finding old comics where he was an incompetent punching-bag; and today's book continues that trend: from 1977, Freedom Fighters #10, "Murder in Miniature" Written by Bob Rozakis, pencils by Dick Ayers, inks by Jack Abel.

I guess this is set on Earth-1? Maybe? And Catman may just get the short end of the stick as multiple other plots were already going full steam here: the Ray battles the Americommando, who was actually the Silver Ghost, the big-bad of this series. Black Condor goes in search of the Ray, who is shot in the back because no one knows how his powers work. Doll Man was arrested, framed for the murder of a district attorney; and recaps his origin here. And Uncle Sam takes the rest of the Freedom Fighters...to bail out a company. Seriously!

Instead of turning to the law or insurance when their holdings were stolen, a Minneapolis company wants to cash in their billion dollar loan to New York City: Sam jumps to the conclusion that this would bankrupt the city, and must be part of the Silver Ghost's plot to take Manhattan...so much wrong with this, I don't even know where to start. I don't think Silver Ghost was behind the theft, but he's such a minor villain Wikipedia doesn't cover his master plan!

Anyway, although he's blazing away with twin .45's on the cover, and has a little gang of "Tom-Cats" in purple outfits, Catman is jobbed out here; beat by a flip from Phantom Lady. Who seems to have picked up Phantom Girl's powers, to go with her black-light ray. Not a great showing for Catman, or anyone else involved, then.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah no kidding. Catman should get down on his hands and knees and worship Gail Simone for her rehibilation of him.

I've got to use shit like this in my skits, with Deadshot and some others pointing out how he wasn't always the badass he is now.