Monday, February 09, 2015

How does he know that's wine?

Maybe I should've saved this one until Valentine's Day, but from 1994, Warlock and the Infinity Watch #29, "Poison" Written by Jim Starlin, art by new series artist Pat Olliffe. (He did art for most of Untold Tales of Spider-Man.

This issue, Count Abyss continues his campaign against the Infinity Watch, through his lovely agent Maya. Maya claims to secretly be part of the resistance against the interdimensional tyrant, which may be a lie; but Abyss hasn't filled her in on all of the plan: although she had an antidote, Abyss says there is no cure for the contents of that bottle, which Maya and Adam Warlock share in a ceremonial "toast of agreement."

Maya and Warlock are immediately smitten, much to the surprise of the rest of the Watch; and the chagrin of Warlock's erstwhile girlfriend Gamora! I don't know if they were a couple at that time, since Warlock had lost both his good and bad halves--the Goddess and the Magus, respectively. Gamora seems plenty jealous, though.

Although it had been been sidetracked by the "Blood and Thunder" crossover and Infinity War, Abyss had been plotting since #16! I'm not sure what his endgame was, but I do still love that bottle of wine.


Dale Bagwell said...

And while we're asking....did the potion magically make Adam's other boot disappear as well?
Seriously, how weird is that panel where he's only wearing one boot?
Sexual inneuendo, or another late night penciling deadline session?

googum said...

Weird, is that Adam's foot? I don't recall him wearing fancy boots!

I'm more weirded out I didn't notice Gamora's "Well, excuuuse me."

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah it's clearly his boot, and then the other foot's missing the boot. Was it like a quick dash to get naked?

Now that you mention Gamora saying that, I can imagine her saying that with a Jim Carey voice. Ugh.