Thursday, April 02, 2015

80-Page Thursdays: Superboy Annual #1!

This copy isn't GCD fresh, but still readable: from 1964, Superboy Annual #1, featuring stories by Otto Binder, Jerry Siegel, and Robert Bernstein; and art by John Sikela, Curt Swan, and George Papp.

The lead story is "a 3-part masterpiece...'The Voyage to New Krypton!'" Exposed to red Kryptonite, a feverish Superboy hallucinates his parents Jor-El and Lara escaping Krypton in a "time-ship," finding him on earth, then taking him and his adopted parents to a new planet, without the threat of Kryptonite...or their powers! A moon falling out of orbit threatens Superboy's new home, and losing both sets of parents shocks him out of his nightmare.

Krypto appears in two stories, serving as seeing-eye dog when Superboy gets diamond vision; and serving as an alien world's king. Briefly. There's a Superbaby story where he speaks in the mangled baby talk DC uses and visits Scotland Yard; Superboy meets Power-Boy, an earth boy who has powers on a smaller planet; and Clark trying to dodge getting a haircut and losing his secret identity.

King Krypto either sells the whole thing for you or not, actually.

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SallyP said...

You just can't go wrong with a Krypto story.