Wednesday, April 08, 2015

"Planet Hydra."

The corporal may have fast-counted the three minutes there, but I suppose it's not like he could shoot Pool too much, either.

We've seen mentioned before how Kurt tends to run into aliens who look more "human" than he does. Not to the point of getting a complex about it, but I suspect it both amuses and annoys him. The aliens the Hydra Section Leader (which is how I refer to the lone Captain America one!) lists are actual Marvel races, that are vaguely bluish.


SallyP said...

This is wonderful. That is one arrogant Hydra Agent...which of course, is exactly how he should be.

I am SO looking forward to whatever it is that Kurt will be doing.

It will be magnificent I am sure!

Dale Bagwell said...

Nice one.
I see you're doing your part to take advantage of the Secret Wars plot devise eh?

Me too dufe. Between that and Convergance, I plan on milking the fuck outta' this one for a long while.