Friday, April 03, 2015

"Bad Crowd."

And with that, I'm on vacation! Things will be on blog-o-pilot, so stuff will still post, but have a good week!


SallyP said...

Once again, you have proven that you write better stories than the actual comic book companies! I would SO read this book!

I do have to admit to thinking that Captain Marvel and Damian make a great team. And I refuse to call him Shazaam.

Have a nice vacation!

Dale Bagwell said...

What Sally said. Verbattem.

It really, as funny as it is(and it is) it's also very believble that something like that would happen. They're the same age and thus can relate to each very well.

More of this please!

Dale Bagwell said...

Quick suggestion though.
I know you like to keep it PG for the kids, but you have to make a skit/montage of Damien and Billy blowing shit up and accidently killing people(at least on Billy's part) to the theme song "America! Fuck Yeah!" From that Team America movie.

Do it. You know you wanna....