Thursday, September 03, 2015

Apparently, Auntie Gravity is more likely to appear on Arrow than Ollie's goatee. Just as well.

If you were dying to find out how Green Arrow survived his encounter with Auntie Gravity...shame on you for lying, you were not! But today we're checking out "Gravitational Boom-a-rang" from 1980's World's Finest Comics #262, written by Gerry Conway, art by Romeo Tanghal and Vince Colletta.

When last we saw our hero, Green Arrow was being spun like a top, crushed by the centrifugal force created by Auntie Gravity. Unfortunately for her, she hadn't flown so far away the previous issue that Black Canary wasn't still within jogging distance, and Canary saves Arrow and kicks the snot out of Auntie's nephews, again! Before getting knocked out by a stray piece of tree, after she destroys it with her Canary cry before Auntie can smash her with it! Still, if you have any possible opportunity in life to shout out "I'm what happened!" as you make an entrance, you by god do it.

Auntie puts in an order for two mail-order brides, while one nephew wants Black Canary. Good luck with that, pal: Canary breaks her gag, kicks the nephews' collective ass a third time, with her hands tied behind her back; before using the Canary cry again to crumple their motor home on top of them and defeat Auntie Gravity! Green Arrow does absolutely nothing this story, yet still shows up for the final panel dénouement.

What Canary ever saw in him, I have no goddamn idea...May have to see if anything else happens this issue, later.

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Dale Bagwell said...

I'm thinking he bc he has a big shaft, is willing to go down on her(as we saw in Kevin Smith's run) and probably also because he supposedly makes the best damn hot chili in the DCU;)

Love the downer ending though. NOT!
I wanna know how the hell he didn't die after he landed. The way he's drawn, he looked like he broke his damn neck, because that's probably not how you want to know on your head/neck.

I'll probably be thanking a lot, but I got the package you sent. Damn man, you didn't have ot be so generous! Love it though, and what has to be the ugliest damn IM I've ever seen outside the nose armor and Thor-Buster looks;)

Thanks again Goo:)