Wednesday, October 26, 2016


If I remember correctly, Advanced Idea Mechanics was an offshoot of HYDRA, before splitting off into its own thing and making things like "bowlcut," also known as MODOK. So I don't think the rank-and-file of either organization feel too warmly towards the other.

Although Amy doesn't get to meet his "doppel-counter," Kurt has met a few alt-versions of himself, in various issues of Excalibur. Possibly not as many as Deadpool has, though...

POOL: I'm glad you guys caught up! I wanna meet my doppel-counter, or whatever.
KURT2: Wait! Um, are you sure that's such a good idea?
POOL: Why?

KURT:'s like matter meeting antimatter! You'd probably explode.
POOL: What are you talking about? We're all from the same universe, silly! I'm going to the transporter room, send him on over!

KURT2: Nice try.
KURT: Thanks. You have any contingency plan, in case they get out of hand?
KURT2: Enh, same thing we usually do: vent the room to space, blow him into vacuum, then grab his frozen body with the grapple arms, throw him in a bathtub and wait for him to thaw out again.

KURT: Brutal.
KURT2: Oh, it's basically a time-out for him. What do you do when Pool acts up? Teleport his head off?
KURT: Well...
KURT2: You do, don't you! Sick!

AMY: Psst! Hey, Hydra: you have an Amir over there?
BOB: 'Fraid not, pal. We don't have any A.I.M. types. They're a little too sketchy.
AMY: Oh, yeah, like Hydra's full of cool dudes.
BOB: Hey, we didn't turn anybody into a giant bowlcut, so cram it!

KURT: Amanda OK on your world?
KURT2: Yes. We're not together, but I see her often.
KURT: Good...glad to hear it.
KURT2: Does your earth have Satana?

KURT: Yes.
KURT2: Treat her right.
KURT: I will. She is special, isn't she?
KURT2: I was going to say she will #### you up if you don't, but sure.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Nice to see Satana is still consistent no matter what universe she lives in....and she's important to both Kurt's? Hmmmm, so are they gonna be an item eventually?

Could've really played out the rivalry between AIM and Hydra more in this, but I know you're not done yet.
Overall good job on this one.