Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wow, Shatner's stunt guy is throwing down today...

We got the Art Asylum Captain Kirk figure last year, even though it came out in 2003. It's pretty good, even if the new Mezco One: 12 Collective Kirk is like an evolutionary step up from it. An evolutionary step back, however, is the Diamond Select Star Trek Captain Kirk.

Diamond's version is from 2014, but feels older; like a diorama piece McFarlane Toys was doing a decade ago. Kirk doesn't have a ton of articulation, although he comes with an alternate set of hands and legs: the spare hands are gripping a length of pipe, while the other legs are virtually the same, just in slightly more of a running pose. Both sets of legs have cut boot-tops, and that's about it. The Kirk likeness is marginal at best, although the paint seems nice enough.

Kirk also comes with an unarticulated Khan figure, and a clear support rod; to attach him to the real star of this set: another sweet Diamond base, this time of a console from the Enterprise's engineering section. The cardboard backer is reversible for an alternate look. The promo picture on Amazon shows Khan with a crushed hand phaser, which wasn't included with mine.

I think I've said before, that thanks to a childhood spent watching old Star Trek and Dr. Who episodes on terrible no-def televisions, my suspension of disbelief is mighty. But if you watch them on modern flatscreens, some of the flaws are a little more glaring. Like the stunt doubles, on the multiple episodes where Kirk fights Kirk. But this figure might work for that!

So I didn't love this one, but admittedly I'm someone who fiddles around with my action figures more than most: if dioramas are your thing, it might be up your alley, but I don't think it's top shelf there either. (To cram a bunch of metaphors together!) I got this cheap at a closing Hastings, along with a couple more Diamond Select figures we'll check out later. So far, the bases have been the best parts of them, and they probably will be there, too...

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