Thursday, October 27, 2016

There is no hope dumpster in Crime Alley...

We've checked out a few Diamond Select figures lately--the X-Men and Captain Kirk; and so far the bases have been their best features. Is that true for the figures we're looking at today? Well, yes, but the bases are really extra good this time. Still, maybe not as good as they're going to get...from Gotham, Jim Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, Harvey Bullock, and Selina Kyle!

From the start, these are probably the nicest figures I've bought from Diamond Select since maybe Thanos or iZombie, in that they're actual figures, not glorified diorama pieces. Nice sculpt, nice paint, and a step up in articulation from the X-Men. My Jim Gordon was missing his tie, though: it looks like that's a separate (but not intended to be removable) piece, and it wasn't in the package. And there's even accessories! Jim comes with his gun, Harvey with a different gun and his hat, and Selina with a container of milk. (Alfred? Nothing.)

But once again, the bases outshine the figures! Jim and Selina each come with a section of wall and fire escape, that I think is supposed to be specifically Crime Alley, but it's tough to say without the chalk outline of Bruce Wayne's parents. Harvey comes with another section of wall, but he does not come with the dumpster that's shown on the back of his package, and mentioned on his Amazon listing! The dumpster may not have cost out, although per Toy News International it does come with the third series of Gotham figures Victor Zsasz. Still, this isn't the first time this has happened with Diamond Select, when some part or accessory doesn't make it to the final version; but sometimes the promotional pictures are still used long after the figure has come out, even if they are no longer accurate. (The Diamond Select Captain Kirk shows Khan holding a crushed phaser that wasn't included, the Diamond Select Nightcrawler was solicited and described on Amazon with a section of Danger Room that was not included. I think the photos and descriptions may just be used by Amazon as stock.)

Alfred "comes with the Wayne Manor fireplace mantel," per Amazon. It's a little blander than the alleyway pieces, but should look nice with the series three Bruce Wayne's bookshelf. I may have to order a set of series three, since the third figure, Barbara Kean, comes with the gates of Arkham Asylum! Diamond occasionally has figures available without the bases, at a good chunk off, but I'm not sure why you'd go that route. For example, Toys R Us has the Edward Nygma figure for $12.99, which I believe just comes with a coffee cup; versus the deluxe version for $24.99 or so with a rather good sized office desk. (I think that desk might've come with the new X-Files Scully as well.)

For some reason, Nygma is the only one of the Gotham figures I haven't seen locally. These four were all bought at Hastings, at various degrees of clearance from 60% or more off. I haven't sprung for the Oswald Cobblepot; not yet anyway. Maybe when he's 80% off.

Back to Alfred for a moment, he seems to have a fair amount of articulation; maybe not especially useful articulation, but he's got it. That may apply to all of them, but I appreciate the effort. (And we saw that Shakespeare bust some time back; it doesn't come with these, it's from Figures Toy Company.)

I took a few more pictures, with some different Batmen that I thought would scale well with the Gotham figures. I usually watch the show, although I missed a couple episodes last season where Jim Gordon, who had murdered a criminal mastermind and covered it up, was framed for another murder and sent to prison! Tough to backtrack on that to get him to Commissioner Gordon someday. Gotham isn't my favorite superhero show by a county mile--I watched the season premiere of Supergirl instead of the most recent episode; I'll catch it later! I do admire the show's ability to push through a plotline, even if it's not great...

I did get the Penguin figure, and another Jim and Selina, for a longer alley!


Dale Bagwell said...

Gotta' admit those really are some sweet prop pieces to use in future skits. I'd still never buy any of those figures since I loathe that fucking show( is really that much to ask about a series that focuses on Bruce traveling the world, learning the skills he'll use to become Batman rather than watch young Bruce?)
Hopefully this means more Batman skits from you 'cause it's been a good while.
That Alfred figure is pretty articulated tho. Enough to get funky with his bad self.

Dale Bagwell said...

And this funny about the missing dumpster; who the fuck steals a dumpster!? Even in that's pretty fucked up, ha ha.

SallyP said...

I would get the set with Alfred just for thru bust of Shakespeare!

Dale Bagwell said...

I was lucky enough to get a version of that statue with the 60's Batman figure and cave set I got from Toys R Us Sally. Pretty much identical....and you get the Bat-computer and Bat-Phone. WINNING