Friday, January 20, 2017

Not a leg to stand on.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled...whatever I do, to bring you a reminder about sticking to a system. Even if it only makes sense to you...

I blame Dale for this. And OAFE. Both said that the new Iron Fist figure was so great. So I sprung for him on clearance. But hey, then you might as well go all in and finish Dormammu, right? Sure, that means a Dr. Strange variant that's really, really pretty much like one we already have and a slightly underwhelming astral version--does that even glow in the dark? Weak.

Anyway, I ordered Enchantress early-on when this series came out, and picked up Bandersnatch Curlicue--I mean, movie Strange when they hit stores. Mordo and Voodoo were $12 each at Walgreens, and Nico was six-fifty the other day, so that should be all the pieces...hmm, seven. Four here, three in the packages I just bought. (Pause to pick up a box, count the figures in this series, eight.) (Followed immediately by an absurdly loud profanity.)

I've been spoiled a bit of late: the Juggernaut Build-a-Figure, for example, I got with a full case of X-Men Legends. No running around, no buying him piecemeal, put him together same day. Dormammu I didn't think I was going to complete at all, so the chest that came with Enchantress was just thrown in the desk drawer I keep all my Build-a-Figure, Collect-and-Connect orphan parts. (Oddly, it's the same drawer I sock away last issue comics for "The End" posts!) There's a good portion of the Ultra-Humanite in there, a spare Thanos head, Killer Croc pieces that may not match, a Jubilee arm...I worry about sad little homeless BaF pieces that will never be put together. Which I freely admit is ridiculous, but I still do.

The leg that came with the movie version of Dr. Strange wasn't in there, though. And it was killing me. To the point of, I considered several options. One: buy another movie Dr. Strange. Immediately. Two: see if one was on eBay, Buy It Now. Three: start digging through the boxes, containers, and shelves that comprise my collection. This would be a needle in a large, and frankly freezing, garage of a haystack; except I had a vague idea of where it had been before I moved. Which was actually more helpful than you might think: it wasn't the first place (or fifth place) I looked, but I had left the leg in a small bin with some of the figures I had bought the same day as my last Hastings run. Which actually was up in my room.

I don't think of myself as the obsessive sort, but sometimes. If I could have possibly justified it, I would've called in sick and looked until I found that leg. I found it on my lunch break, but then couldn't put it together since now I had to blog about it. But then, the gnawing was gone by that point. Anyway, lesson learned: Build-a-Figure parts need to go where they belong, the drawer. I guess the larger lesson could be, put things in their proper place, but one step at a time here.

And yet...while looking for that leg, I found an accessory and a figure I was going to need for an upcoming strip; a piece that full off my Iron Man wall light; and a toothbrush. (That last one wasn't in with my toys, but still.) Digging around is part of my process, and it's almost always fun...when I find what I was looking for.


SallyP said...

It's always in the last place you look. But isn't amazing the things that you DO find?

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, thanks I guess;)
Glad you finally got that IF figure. I'm telling you he's the last IF figure you'll ever need.....until they make another that is the be-all, end-all.

Sounds like you need to start organizing your spare figure parts like real men store there screws and nails, and shit like that. I know at the rate I'm collecting, I'll need a huge bin myself, but for now I have a small container with small drawers to fit 'em all in. I highly, highly recommend doing this so you don't have a situation like you just did.

Wanna' hear something fucked up? The left arm doesn't fit into place like it should. IDK why, but it won't fit in the peg. Bullshit, right?