Monday, November 06, 2017

I might've paid cash money for this, if I'd recognized him on the cover.

Weirdly, I had the variant cover for this, that I didn't see on the GCD, so I loaded it myself! From 2017, Guardians of the Galaxy: Dream On #1, written by Marc Sumerak, art by Andrea Di Vito, variant cover art by Todd Nauck and Rachelle Rosenberg.

This was a one-shot, presumably to capitalize on Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and opens with the team members trapped in their personal dream worlds. Not nightmares, for a change, but their innermost hopes and dreams; and with everything too good to be true they break out of it pretty quickly. Rocket discovers they've been captured by one of the galaxy's leading bounty hunters--although, he points out, he prefers to be called "freelance peacekeeping agent."

The other day on Twitter, I mentioned being afraid if Death's Head got a Marvel Legends figure, somebody'd poke their eye out on those tusk-things of his. This slight redesign might fix that! Although I'd miss them. Death's Head whips the Guardians in short order, and turns them over to the Badoon for his paycheck, then goes on to beat down Warlock, Beta Ray Bill, the Silver Surfer, and more! It's almost too good to be true...oh, crap. The Guardians manage to trap DH in the machine he was keeping them in, at least long enough to escape.

Also this issue: a reprint of the 1990 Guardians of the Galaxy #1, "But Are They Ready For...Taserface!" Story and art by Jim Valentino, inks by Steve Montano. Newly returned to the 31st century, after the Badoon war and facing Korvac in the past, the future Guardians are on a new quest, to find Captain America's shield. I went with this scan of a recap page since it had the Badoon, or at least their old design.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Goddamn right we need a Death's Head 1 figure!!!!

SallyP said...

Okay... my first thought at the first scan was... why is Guy Gardner bathed in pink goo?