Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Nowadays, they'd call it "cosplay."

In 80's Punisher comics, Frank was able to go undercover sometimes and get information, because he wasn't just terrifying looking, like the modern Garth Ennis Punisher. Seriously, I don't know how that Frank could even buy groceries without scaring the crap out of people. But neither version ever made a hit under the guise of an ad campaign, like Wild Dog in today's book! From 1989, Action Comics Weekly #641. (Wild Dog segment, "Crack Up" Written by Max Collins, pencils by Terry Beatty, inks by John Nyberg.)

This was the second-to-last issue of the Action Comics Weekly run; it would return to being a monthly title with Action Comics #643. The anthology didn't catch on, I guess, since this issue had a telling U.S. Postal Service Statement of Ownership. Line C Total Paid Circulation: average number of copies each issue during preceding 12 months: 97,779. Single issue nearest to filing date: 60,309. Still, the Demon's serial this issue would be continued in his own comic, and another long-running strip, Blackhawk, would be promoted to ongoing as well.

I believe this was Wild Dog's last appearance for a while, and he goes out on a win, after casually strolling into a Chicago office building to gun down a mob meeting: onlookers assume he's a publicity stunt, probably for a Friday the 13th movie. WD's supporting cast tell him he has to quit afterwards, and he acquiesces...at least, until the next time he's needed. Also this issue: the conclusion of a Phantom Lady serial, another two-page Superman strip, and Phantom Stranger and Human Target stories. The latter was written by Mark Waid with pencils by Curt Swan (and inks by Dick Giordano) and features the Target trying to save an actor on a Batman '66 style show from deathtraps that aren't as fake as you'd think!

The Superman strip reminds me of the old public service announcements, although much more serious; like the kids from the old one didn't learn their damn lesson. ("Justice For All" Written by Roger Stern, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by Murphy Anderson, with "special thanks to Tom Peyer.") That's all that would fit in the scanner! When I got this, I also got Action Comics Weekly #642, we'll check that later.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Man I REALLY want a Wild Dog action figure. And a decent one at that too.

H said...

Shame that they couldn't make it work- I really enjoyed those issues, except for the Black Canary stories.