Wednesday, May 04, 2022


We're using the Fortnite Dio and Siona figures again; since they remind me of the aliens that would show up on Space: 1999: usually European jerks. Last I checked, you could get that two-pack pretty cheap--cheaper than I bought it for! If the helmets were a little less fiddley and the heads easily swappable with Legends, I would give it a stronger recommendation, but I liked them. They also aren't quite posable enough for a lot of horrible poses, either...Ah, they probably also remind me of the foreign couple--I want to say German?--from Super Troopers, one of my favorite movies ever!

I also swapped out one of Quasar's hands with a regular grabbing one: he came with fists and flying hands. I also know Quasar had an Avengers ID--he'd never burn it like Moon Knight! Later Avengers teams, anything Bendis or after, I don't think used the same system; so Nova wouldn't have gotten one even if he had been a proper team member. But Quasar has been killed and come back, so it's unlikely he would still have his in his pocket. But, why would it work now, who could be calling...?


CalvinPitt said...

Knowing Quasar's luck, it's probably Dr. Druid, or the Sentry.

Please don't let it be the Sentry.

Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

I actually like The interpreted by Paul Jenkins & Jeff Parker. After that, not so much.

That whole era of Secret Avengers sure was a gloriously weird but ultimately by and large, forgotten & not really talked about much are they? I mean Nova was finally made an Avenger and it wasn't even the main squad like his fellow ex Warriors Firestar & Justice got. That HAD to sting a little.

LOVE Super Troopers! Still haven't seen the 2nd one yet, mostly because I know it's not going to be as good as the first, oh well.

googum said...

It wasn't going to be the Sentry, but now...I swear to god, I'll turn this blog around! Actually, I think I had completely pushed the Sentry out of my mind until you brought him up, and it all came rushing back, which sounds really familiar somehow.

If you go in accepting in your heart that Super Troopers 2 won't be as good as the first, it was fun enough. It might not be as good is Beerfest either, although I don't think I really dug it the first time through?

When he shows up, I may have to come back to it: do you remember that issue of Captain America, I want to say with the Soviet Super-Soldiers; but Speedball's there for Avengers Try-Out day, and nobody gets picked? Like at all, forever.

Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Shit, not as good as Beerfest? Damn because Beerfest was pretty damn good after that horrible Club Dread movie. Fuck it, if I can find it online, I'll check it out regardless.

Ha ha, nice. Sentry it is then. Hey might as well, plus it's been a good while since you've used him in your skits. I'm curious to see how you use him & what he's been up to since then.