Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Looking at his past outfits, yeah, maybe costume design wasn't a speciality.

Sometimes a hero's costume almost has an origin of its own; other times the hero just has one, done deal. Today's series seems to be backfilling this costume's backstory, but it also makes Hawkeye seem about as sharp as a brick arrow: from 2011, Widowmaker #1-4, #1 and #3 written by Jim McCann, pencils by David Lopez, inks by Alvaro Lopez; #2 and 4 written by Duane Swierczynski, pencils by Manuel Garcia, inks by Lorenzo Ruggiero and (#2) Javier BergantiƱo.
I don't know why this series was split the way it was; I'm not sure it works. Hawkeye and Mockingbird are investigating a leaked "kill list" leading to murdered deep cover former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents: I don't think the spy agency was still active, but the agents may have continued their work. Following a tip to Russia, they are joined by Dominic Fortune--described as "seemingly ageless soldier for hire," although I'm not sure he's the original. He has a bit of a dirtbag moustache going now...And of course, the Black Widow shows up, since there are a mess of bodies at a Red Room training facility. The Widow is a step ahead of Clint and Bobbi: the kill list was absolutely a trap for them. Reviewing the Red Room footage, the murderers appear to be Japanese ultra-nationalists Dark Ocean Society, who haven't been seen for years, since their boss was killed.
The investigation is interrupted by the arrival of (some of) the Soviet Super-Soldiers: not the best looking Crimson Dynamo suit. They overpower our heroes, since they're also after Dark Ocean, and their leader...Ronin!
Unsure if that was brought up in the early stories, when Ronin's identity was unknown; or the several people that wore it before today's wearer: "Great suit! Nice lines. It previously belonged to the Japanese Jason Voorhees, but I'm sure that's not problematic at all." That link will also tell you who's the bad guy here; I always forget his real name, or that he's alive, since he wasn't for a long time. His plan wasn't great either. The covers for the series are also split, between Jae Lee and Phil Noto; and they're probably the best part.  

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Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Just me, but "Dark Ocean" doesn't sound like a very good name for a badass, evil organization. Of course it would it if you're Asian, since the Ocean is so tied to your national identity & all, but still for us Westerners, not so much. Sounds like a sequel to that Jim Henson movie "Dark Crystal."

At this point, I'd make the Ronin suit float around the MU, finding various people to wear it, like a 100 Bullets situation; if you need redemption for past wrongs & need the help, the suit will work out for you. If you're ultimately bad, you'll use the suit, but ultimately die & so it can be passed on to someone else like a curse. That's my pitch anyways.