Wednesday, May 11, 2022

"Give.", how is the "summer of Morbius" going? I can't recall if that was a serious bit of hype or a joke, but I don't think Morbius did huge numbers. Checking year-to-date numbers Sunday, it was the number ten movie of 2022; a position I don't see it hanging onto unless COVID surges again or something. I thought it was notable Morbius didn't get a Marvel Legend: the movie Venom did; and the movie had been delayed a bunch of times. If Hasbro had wanted to do one, they would've had time.

I know I'll see the movie sooner or later; I've been waiting for the cheap theatre to get it. Actually, my Youngest was looking forward to it. I saw Multiverse of Madness yesterday, and while I don't want to say any spoiler-stuff, I thought it was neat to have Sam Raimi back doing Sam Raimi-things. Some people complain all the MCU stuff looks the same, but he stretched it a ways. 

Kurt's watch is really Luke Cage's, but it's a callback to an old ToyFare bit where somebody's going on about something, and Mego Spidey's only concern is that Buffy is on later...hoo, that kinda dates those. But ask X-types how long Kurt was in Excalibur, or how long the X-Men were in Australia, or even how old anybody is; and you're probably not going to get anything nailed down. 

Also, some shots I set up, and they collapse immediately, some like that last shot with Morby? Still standing, several days later!


H said...

There's gotta be something weird going on, if even America Chavez is into him (I admittedly don't recognize anybody else so I may be missing another lesbian or two in the crowd).

Isn't the waitress the one who owned the bar last? It really has been a while, so I forget. Also, great to see Max Headroom on the TV, very Café 80's.

Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

No way Sat's giving up the bar unless it no longer amuses her. That simple.

Saw Doc Strange 2 with Heather last sunday and I loved it! Thought Wanda might been killed off due to how vague the scene was, but apparently she made it out at the last second. So many thoughts about the Illuminati being jobbed out to Wanda, but that's a rant for another day. Still fun to watch them all die regardless.

I'm sure when you're basically immortal, you measure time by fads & fashion more so than actual time. I mean, how many years did Franklin stay 4-6 and Kitty stay underage before finally morphing into legal drinking age. Comic time's the worst.

Ha, "Summer of Morbius." Yeah easy pass from me on that movie. Looks bad & rushed despite all the time they had to make it.

CalvinPitt said...

I'm enough out of the loop I didn't even realize "summer of Morbius" was ever even hinted at being a thing. I'm not much of a Jared Leto fan, or much of a Morbius fan, so the movie was an easy pass.

And come on, Sat, pay Darkhawk! The man is killin' with his mixes!