Friday, May 24, 2024

Feels like he was more interested in writing A.I.M. than the Avengers; or evil Avengers more than that.

This issue had two covers: you could either get the one I got, with the Avengers fighting a giant Super-Adaptoid; or one with Thanos and his crew. Neither of which are in this issue; so we're not off to a great start here. From 2014, Avengers #27, "Only Dirt...Six Feet Deep" Written by Jonathan Hickman, art by Salvador Larroca. This was a stretch when they had recap page, a sort-of diagram of the available team members, and a title/credits page.
There are Super-Adaptoids in this one, just not in that classic form; and I wouldn't have recognized Superia either, as she and Advanced Idea Mechanics seem to have been rummaging around through the multiverse for interesting crap, and found themselves the Avengers. Ant-Man is killed in the fight, but don't worry: these are Avengers from an eee-vil universe; as we see when Dr. Banner interviews their Mr. Banner, who confesses that he's a (semi)-lobotomized sociopath, that his teammates took turns controlling, but maybe wasn't entirely blameless either. While A.I.M. makes plans to fix their mistake, the Avengers have engaged the Avengers: the alt-Iron Man is quickly revealed as a "monster," Jarvis; who in his timeline killed the Starks after the first armor was built. Alt-Thor is a jerk, who asks regular Thor to join him in subjugating the world, but is caught from behind by Hyperion. Captains America and Marvel face "General America," who at least doesn't seem to be a Nazi, just evil.
A.I.M. catches the whole lot of them in a time bubble, then gathers up the evil Avengers (although I'm fairly sure they've grabbed our Hulk by mistake) to cover their involvement. And back on A.I.M. Island, the Adaptoids seem to have started their own mission of multiverse exploration, which seems a noble enough goal but is probably going to immediately go south. 

Also this issue: a bonus book of All-New Invaders #1. I thought Robinson had a good handle on Jim Hammond; who is hiding out but maybe not in a good place at the start of this one. Then, a Kree attacks him, and forces him to have a flashback to events he doesn't remember, including a fight against Hela and the death of his teammate, Major Liberty...? Refreshingly, I don't think the answer for that one was "the multiverse," for a change.

Hey, this is the 18th anniversary of this stupid blog! Even if we're not here today; thanks to everyone who's ever stopped by. 

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Mr. Morbid said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! 18 years!? Jesus. Definitely the longest relationship you’ve ever been in besides your job right?

I remember this one. Not bad, and Hickman definitely tries to make the tired troupe of good guys fighting their evil doppelgängers interesting, but it’s only so-so. At least AIM seems a lot more competent (relatively speaking) than they’re normally portrayed.