Thursday, July 06, 2006

I think Iron Man is actually holding it in the Avengers picture. The toy is from the first wave of Marvel Legends, the drink...I think from a Resevoir Dogs Mr. Blonde figure. Weird. Still, a great toy. And a good lead-in to Iron Man week, coming next week! Or whenever I start it. I know traditionally the week would start on Monday, but that's not exactly the nature of this blog, unfortunately.

Iron Man #100 was one of my first Marvel comics. Over the last almost thirty years (good God!) I think it's been a book I have been reading more often than not. Sometimes it's timeless and brilliant, other times dated and wrongheaded; but that's probably the nature of long-term serial fiction, isn't it? Well, that's not going to stop us from mocking them!

I enjoyed the recent Warren Ellis run--eventually. I should admit, I am a big Ellis fan, but the book was enjoyable, if almost terminally late, and had to shoehorn in the latest Marvel-time upgrade. Tony Stark's original, Stan Lee penned origin, has him injured by a landmine in the Vietnam War. If they stuck with that, Tony would be well on the high side of 50, at best: that's working for Garth Ennis and his Punisher run, but that's a different beast. So, every few years, Tony's origin is retroactively updated to the most recent pointless war/police action/Iraq. It doesn't change a lot about the character, and keeps him a workable age.

More on Iron Man, Tony Stark, and a brief look at Civil War, coming soon! See you there.

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Chris said...

Iron Man Week? Say no more --- I'm there!

The Ellis run was fine for updating the origin; it's the Stupid New Powers that break the character, despite a kickass issue to end the arc.

Look forward to seeing your thoughts on my favorite comic book hero ever!