Thursday, July 20, 2006

Well, it's no dumber than getting lightning powers from fighting Thor.

Watching the film, Union Jack recognizes the buzzbomb launchsite, and can use his new plane to get Skull there. He sets up a rendevous with the Mighty Destroyer! Skull is less than impressed: "The only allied mystery-man who's set up camp inside enemy territory!" Um, ok. I don't know if Slott got that from anywhere, or set it up himself, but it's a nice touch, and reminds me of DC's the Golden Age.

I wrote the title up there, and was dumbstruck again by how dumb that was. I should look it up to make sure I'm remembering correctly, but I'm stuck for time: Union Jack got lightning powers, from an encounter with Thor--that's Marvel Universe Thor, who was being brought to the German side by Hitler, in an old Invaders comic. The story itself had it's moments, but if surviving a fight with Thor could leave you throwing electrical bursts around, I hate to think about how many lightning bolt slinging lunatics would be running around the Marvel U.

Anyway, for his part at their first meeting, the Destroyer isn't thrilled with the Blazing Skull, either.

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