Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Timing, part five.

It's not a stellar game, but the Oldest and I played (and still do play) a lot of X-Men: Next Dimension. It's fun, and it's a game you can pick up, play for a bit, and put back down without having to devote several hours to. I mention it, because Bishop is friggin' huge in it: if these toys were on that scale, Bishop would be another inch and a half, or so, far taller than Nightcrawler and Deadpool.

And Bishop isn't above pistol-whipping you, either. If you're like me, and just a fan of some X-Men and not others, it's a great game, and besides, some characters might just win you over too. John DiMaggio, the voice of Bender on Futurama, supplied Juggernaut's voice, for example.

I wrote this a while ago, and was hoping to post it before it happened, but the little mutant baby, who still remains nameless to the best of my knowledge, is being turned into a seven-year-old (or so) in an upcoming issue of Cable. The magically-aging baby is a well-worn cliche of soap operas and science fiction alike, and one I would've preferred to see avoided. (Or, has Cable spent years in the future uneventfully raising the baby to her current age? That would be less of a cheat, since it wouldn't be like Cable got out of changing diapers.) Although, you have to admit, in terms of drama, a baby is probably more like a prop than a character; so you can see the desire to phase the baby into someone who can hit a mark and hold up their end of the dialog.

Bishop was an eBay purchase, loose, without the Apocalypse build-a-figure piece or his guns. Still, I had enough guns to hold him over. We'll get more into this, but he's currently hunting Cable and the mutant baby; which is playing to his strengths. I wonder how it would go down if the situation was reversed: the planner Cable trying to capture the hunter Bishop. Well, we're not going to see here, sorry.


CalvinPitt said...

As far as I can recall, the baby aged normally. Cable settled down near some farming community with the kid and a woman he met somewhere, and they lived their peacefully for several years.

Until the giant talking insects arrived and tried to round up all the humans. I am completely serious.

googum said...

Surprisingly...that doesn't surprise me. The insects could try to saddle Cable and ride him around, and that just seems to fit with the ongoing disasters that are his life.

How old is Cable now, then? He's got to be approaching ancient...