Friday, December 05, 2008

Timing, part three.

Back in Claremont's last run on Uncanny X-Men, there's a moment where Rachel and Kurt kiss, then have no idea if that's something they should pursue or not. Apparently, not. There was also a lot of weird tension between Storm and Kurt, and that carried over into the Nightcrawler solo book; but also didn't really go anywhere. On the other hand, either false start is still more entertaining than another installment of "Kurt builds a chapel," in the most current issue (#505?) so now I feel bad for bashing Claremont. Sigh.

Ah, Cable. While Deadpool was the draw for me on their team-up series, Fabian Nicieza did a good job of selling him as the straight man to Pool's comedy. I also see Nate as an insane planner, who probably has little hidden bases, gun drops, and hideouts all over the world; because things tend to go south around him. Of course, he's not gonna tell that blabbermouth Pool where they are: Pool's not a snitch, but I'm betting he can't keep a secret; and he'd be far too likely to loot Cable's guns anyway.

In case I haven't mentioned it by now, the most recent issue of Deadpool(#4, and counting his two limited series, I think this is his fourth solo #4) is great. I'm not sure about the multiple voices in Pool's head, but it's a good narrative device for using a solo Deadpool: no Cable, Blind Al, Weasel, Bob, etc. The hallucinations don't quite work for me yet, though.

Strangely, we've got another post scheduled for later today. Weird. "Timing" continues next week!


CalvinPitt said...

I was pleased to find out that Bob, Agent of HYDRA will be appearing in Deadpool come February. Sure, there's the chance it'll fall flat, but Way's exceeded my expectations so far, not that I'd set the bar very high.

I've been kind of fond of the hallucinations. I think Medina's having fun drawing them. Really, I'd like all the art to go more cartoony, exaggerate expressions, but that might push too far.

Agreed on Nightcrawler. I would like to see more swashbuckling, romancing Kurt, as opposed to dour, praying Kurt. I'm think Cyclops is more upbeat than Nightcrawler these days, and that should not be.

googum said...

With the conclusion of Secret Invasion finally out, it just occurred to me...this might be a spoiler if you didn't read 'em, but in Deadpool's SI issues, he's on a mission from Nick Fury to get Skrull information, but he gets poached. Norman Osborn intercepts the info, and becomes the new head of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Or whatever the post-SI thing's gonna be.)

It just struck me that this makes Deadpool Jar-Jar Binks. His mistake puts the bad guy into power, everything goes to hell, and yet he's kinda dumb and doesn't really realize he's doomed us all...

Ace said...

"How to kill a queen" - shoot her in the head with a ray gun. Why didn't anyone think of that BEFORE Fury got 'Pool on the Skrull ship?!

Also, more Cloud references = you winning the internets!

Finally: Kurt needs to be a priest, or not. One week he's about to kill Scalphunter, another week he's holiest of holy building a church...