Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Regardless of feeling neither holly nor jolly right about now, I didn't have a lot of Christmas scans set for this year; especially since, um, I'd done all the good ones I had already. Well, "good ones" may not apply to all of them: there was our first, and probably only, look at DC's Genesis crossover. That was a bit of a stinker, but then we've got a very Badger Christmas and the crank-fueled Yuletide antics of Klaus!

I also have no proof that Steve Purcell has ever done anything that wasn't completely great, continuing with a nightmarish Christmas Eve visitor in Toybox! Santa also straight represents, in one of my favorite Christmas stories ever, that's also one of my favorite Spider-Man stories ever.

Finally, a personal favorite that's also a helpful reminder for you late Christmas shoppers: don't let this happen to you:
Yeah, way better than jewelry! Why, I'm giving flammable homemade undergarments to everyone this year!

There, if that doesn't knock the Christmas carols out of your head for five minutes, I'm not sure what will...

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