Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gordon's Law #2 brings more characters into the mix, but first one leaves: Gordon asks Bullock in on the investigation on the federal robbery, and he's in...until he hears that Gordon thinks cops were involved. Bullock refuses to go all snitchy and leaves, claiming Gordon's source Hoagland is "just blowing smoke to cop a plea."

Meanwhile, Junior Manklin makes the scene at a nightclub, blond in tow; and makes a payoff to a man named Thorpe, with bills from the robbery. A young man at the bar wants to meet, not like that...

Elsewhere, Gordon calls in a favor with county sheriff Steve "Shotgun" Smith. Pretty sure he first appeared in a Dixon-written issue of Robin. Gordon wants Smith in since although Smith was busted out of G.C.P.D. Gordon knows he's clean. They meet with their F.B.I. help: Thorpe.

Leaving the club, joyriders nearly steal Manklin's car, but the man from the bar stops them. He introduces himself as Red Corona, and wants in. Manklin is suspicious:

I thought it was traditional to get a room before the strip search, but oh well.

Hoagland gives Gordon, a "taste" of his information: the forty-sixth precinct. In return, he wants "a nice cell with the snitches and short eyes," whatever that last one is. Two pages later, he's killed in his cell, lasting long enough to only tell Gordon, "Doc."

Elsewhere, undercover officer Bell makes a meet with a plainclothes detective; we still don't get to see his face. Thorpe meets with Manklin, asking for more cash for giving up Hoagland. Manklin's boss, presumably the one behind the robbery, has Manklin punch Thorpe in the gut and gives him new orders: "Lead them a chase."

Man, I can't imagine reading this series month-to-month. I got all four issues at once, but so far the identity of officer Bell is the big secret: we already know Thorpe's dirty, and don't have clue one who masterminded the heist. Or do we? Well, I don't. We'll see if there's any clues tomorrow.

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