Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What would absolutely make Batman: RIP for me:

(A minor spoiler for a relatively minor bit in Batman #681 follows, so beware if you missed it last week, or the ongoing shouting. There's a new issue out Wednesday, anyway...)

(Oh, you're gonna look.)

And if you read this while making whee-ooh, whee-ooh ambulance noises it's even more funny.
Regardless of the title, or whatever happens the next however many issues until his triumphant return, this isn't gonna be the final appearance of Bruce Wayne as Batman. No oddsmaker in Vegas would give you 500-to-1 on it. However, if this was the last appearance of the Joker...casually run down mid-escape attempt by Batman's psychotic son Damian in the Batmobile? That's damn funny. That would be the funniest thing the Joker's done in years.

(Over at the Factual Opinion, they fairly eviscerated this issue; pointing out that Alfred doesn't seem overly moved that Damian runs an ambulance off the road; but the scene isn't clear if the kid saw that it was the Joker, that said ambulance had just plowed through a police barricade, or if he just doesn't give the proverbial rat's ass. Frankly, it's the least of this story's problems. Maybe in trade and footnoted and packaged with the ancient back issues with the space backup personality nonsense...still seems iffy, yeah.)

From Batman #681, "Hearts in Darkness" Written by Grant Morrison, pencils by Tony Daniel, inks by Sandu Florer.

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