Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Timing, part four.

Kurt and Cable know each other, but probably not especially well; although Kurt saw him as a baby...a few years ago, his time.

Deadpool loves Cable, in a completely hetero kind of way. Um. Maybe not completely. To Pool, Cable's the mutant John Wayne, an idol of he-man determination and grit. (Now that I think of it, in Pool's current book, if he halluncinated Cable the same way John Wayne appeared in Preacher, that could be something. Derivitive, maybe, but something.)

Cable knows Deadpool, and is sorry. What, too glib? Everyone has that one friend that's a bit of a screwup, and Deadpool is Cable's. In spades. I'm sure that Cable thinks Deadpool can bootstrap himself up into a useful human being someday, but Cable's not exactly going to wait with bated breath either. That, and shooting Pool is fun.

The role of mutant savior baby is played today by a Fischer-Price Play Family/Little People guy that I've had since I was maybe three. Almost all the Fischer-Price toys I had as a kid, like the airport and the parking garage and the Sesame Street guys and the camper; they're all up at my parents' place, where visiting (neighbor) kids and grandkids still play with them. But this one was my favorite, so...I was hoping I could somehow strap the kid to Cable's chest, as seen on most of the covers to his recent book. Hadn't realized the mutant baby was a girl, either. But more on that next time.


SallyP said...

As a mother of four, I can completely identify with Cable's attitude.

Ace said...