Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Best Laid Plans...

Yesterday I went to bed after 24, since I have to get up at the crack of early. But before I fell asleep, I had an idea for a new homemade comic, featuring a History Channel-style documentary on the legend of DC's Unknown Soldier. I don't have a ton of Unknown Soldier comics, but I loved it as a kid, and have the last issue of the series, the last issue of the Jim Owlsey/Priest miniseries from the 80's, and of course the Garth Ennis Vertigo series. (Haven't tried the newest one, yet, though.)

So I've had a big US post in mind for ever, and thought I could do a comic with Captain America commenting on encountering the Soldier multiple times, and why Cap figured the Soldier probably hated his guts. (Not the reason you might think!) Then "re-enactment" footage of the Soldier, and commentary from Enemy Ace, Sgt. Rock, Blackhawk, Hellboy, and the original Human Torch. (Why those last two? They and the Soldier have something in common...)

The main problem? Well, DC Direct never made an Unknown Soldier figure! (I love the bandaged-head Claude Rains look, from Negative Man to Darkman. Except Hush.) OK, I might be able to work around that with some masking tape and an exacto knife...now I just need, um, a Major Maxim action figure from McFarlane's Danger Girl series, Marvel Legends for the Red Skull and Baron Zemo...I might as well wish for in ML-scale German Soldiers, or Hitler's Brain in a jar, since I don't see this one budgeting out. Hell.

So, it's less "Best Laid Plans" and more like a half-baked idea before I fell asleep. I was so excited I had to get out of bed to write it down, though, so I may have to keep that one on file, and get that Unknown Soldier post out someday. New homemade strip later this afternoon, with sadly, no WWII vets. Oh, well.

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