Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Geez, and I thought Batman was the king of reckless endangerment:

So, the other day at MightyGodKing the Thursday Who's Who feature featured the War Wheel, a giant Nazi war machine that appeared in Blackhawk. (And possibly an episode of Justice League.) Because I had it next to my desk, I flipped through John Byrne's Batman/Captain America, since I thought Cap, Bucky, and Sgt. Rock and Easy Company fought a War Wheel. Instead, it was merely a several-story tall giant tank thing, which I'm not gonna scan since it's a pain to fit prestige-format books into the scanner. Instead, we've got this panel:
'Oh, sure Cap.  I'll get right on that.'
Captain America is about to jump, without a parachute, from one plane to another. And he advises Bucky that if he misses, Bucky should give it a shot. As the kids back then said, "Nuts to that." Of course, they only said that if they were too polite to say "No goddamn way!" If Cap can't do it, it doesn't seem fair to expect a teenage boy to do it, even in time of war.

Then again, as we've seen in Brubaker's Captain America, even before becoming the Winter Soldier, Bucky wasn't an ordinary boy, was he? He was a badass special-ops soldier even then! So...the retcon actually makes sense here! How often does that happen?

Yeah, I really liked this one. Afraid you'll have to pick it up yourself to see more, though.

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