Friday, March 20, 2009

Best news I've heard all week!

Awesome news from over at the Beat, of the most violentest, skull-crushing, eye-gouging, lead pipe smashing, capital-M-and-some-umlauts Metal crossover ever: The Goon vs. Deathlok!

Even though I don't read Eric Powell's book regularly, I'm still really looking forward to...wait, what? Dethklok? From Metalocalypse? Shoot. Well, that's still pretty good. I guess.

Actually, that does look like a lot of fun, and put me down for one...although I still think about what might've been.
Points for anyone who i.d.'s the guitar!
Yeah, maybe not.

Say, does anyone actually have any of those Dethklok/Metalocalypse figures? I only started watching it recently, and I think they were a con exclusive or a limited run from Shocker Toys. I'm not in the market for 'em, I was just curious if they were any good, and I'm still waiting for my Scud figure, Shocker.