Monday, March 16, 2009

Timing, part thirty-five.

And, that's how I'd get both Nick Fury's into the regular Marvel Universe. Why not? The Ultimate universe appears to be crashing and burning (with the possible exception of Ultimate Spider-Man, but even that appears to be getting relaunched soon) and it seems dumb to leave Fury-2 (the Samuel Jackson model) in the Squadron Supreme universe, since I don't see that being published much longer either.

Dr. Strange may appear shorter than some of the other characters here, but that's because of his cloak of levitation, which is putting a lot of load on the figure's knees: if this representation was accurate, the cloak would be made of the thickest wool known to man, and weigh about a metric ton non-levitating. That would explain why Strange is so often able to mystically throw it into someone's face and distract them, though.


SallyP said...

Dammit, you put the Time Distorter down for ONE MINUTE, and it disappears on you.

Does that tiny figure on the consol over Deadpool's shoulder in the last scan have anything to do with it?

~P~ said...

That damn Dr. Strange figure has some wonky anatomy.

Check out where the legs meet the hips (under the tunic).

It's just... off.
It's as if he has no lower abdomen.

He should have been a mite taller JUST by making the legs correctly!

BUT... if Hasbro wants to make me happy, they'll make a translucent Astral Form Dr. Strange.

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