Wednesday, June 24, 2009

$30+ for a new MOTU figure, or fifty cents for...

Man, that mold line down the middle of Battle Cat's face is so bad, even he can't stop staring at it. The saddle-slash-missile launcher thing on his back is spring-loaded but latches poorly. I think I have it held on with putty there.

I haven't bought any of the new Masters of the Universe figures, but I did get yet another Battle Cat last weekend. This one is from a batch of McDonald's Happy Meal toys from around 2003; smaller, simpler versions of the new designs. You can see a couple of the Beast Men from that in the alternate banner I set up; and I know I have a couple of He-Men and Man-at-Arms; the He-Men sans weapons, and all from garage sales here and there.

More behind the bump! For a change...

I've had those figures out, since I've been cautiously dipping my toe into the three-and-three-quarter inch pool; and I wanted to set up a little comparison chart for sizing. The DC Infinite Heroes figures are a little puny compared to the Marvel ones I've got so far: Nightcrawler towers over Superman, there. But the DCIH look like superheroes compared to the tiny Star Trek figures. And all do they all match up with G.I. Joes or Star Wars figures?

Well, I haven't got it together yet, and it might take a bit: I had it in my head I needed the Marvel Universe Captain America figure, but that one is long gone in this neck of the woods. Ditto Moon Knight, who was tempting. Either would help my comparisons, since to nitpick, technically Nightcrawler is from the Wolverine and the X-Men animated and Pool from the Wolverine movie, two separate (but close enough) lines. I saw a good review of the Terminator: Salvation Hunter-Killer vehicle that came with a endoskeleton, worth getting if on sale, perhaps. There's also a Hellboy set floating around that I wouldn't mind; but then again, Hasbro is teasing the return of Marvel Legends, so I mind toss most of these figures back in a box and bag it. Relatively speaking, that is; since that probably wouldn't happen for a year, at least.

Ah, I'm glad I went with this one today: a little more cheery than the last one, there.

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