Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Should've done this like a newspaper strip, and dragged it out for weeks...

Just kidding, Stan! I'm writing my newspaper now...oh, it's gone. Darn.
Topless Robot first showed me the reversal on the Peter/Mary Jane marriage in the Spider-Man newspaper strip, or you can check out the Sunday version at the Beat. (The Beat also has the news about the Archie wedding thing; and all I'll say about that is if Archie's proposing to Veronica in the first issue of six, it seems likely there'll be a "twist" between there and the altar. Unless it's six issues of wedding planning...)

Aside from mild bemusement and the usual snark, I don't know how I feel about this. It's handled better than a deal with Mephisto, sure; but it does create an unfortunate precedent to just lob continuity out the window. But a lot of continuity should go out the window...it's a baby/bathwater conundrum, except we only want to toss sixty, seventy percent of the bathwater. And ten, fifteen percent of the baby. Twenty, tops.

I wish I was more topical, sometimes: I maybe could've finished this one last Thursday, but couldn't find MJ or the Black Cat. That Marvel Select Black Cat does not stand well, at all. Finding the movie Peter Parker was just lucky, and that lamp in the background actually came with him. At any rate: this is tomorrow's post. Today's, about some comic that I may or may not have read yet, will be up Wednesday. Because I have a system, that's why.

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This...was perfect the way that it was.