Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On Punisher: War Zone.

This post has slid back a ways, but oh well. Anyway, like I said there, Judge Dredd is one of those movies I'll probably catch every decade or so, thinking, "Oh, there's no way it's as bad as I remember," and I'll be wrong every time.

Aside from Star Trek, I haven't dragged myself to any of the big summer films yet. The Youngest wants to see Up: he might not know Pixar, but he recognizes it. I like that they are almost the opposite of hype: every time their new movie is announced, I'll be thinking, "Gee, a cooking rat. That sounds...great." And it actually will be! Damnedest thing.

The Oldest wants to see Transformers, although we had a good laugh about the kid, Spike or whoever, going to college without his transforming car and his hot girlfriend. No, he won't need those, he's going to be busy studying, really buckling down...the Oldest also saw a G.I. Joe preview and it took him a bit to guess what it was. (Admittedly, we don't watch a ton of G.I. Joe, but he had seen a few of the old ones.)

Still behind this week: everything has been set up in advance, and I haven't really blogged in days. I am in the middle of next week's strip though, featuring not one but two Green Lanterns! We'll see why the Justice League should reconsider their non-duplication clause, no matter what Hawkgirl says...


Christian Zamora said...

Super-hero movies are tricky. They need to find their own seriousness and if the directors don't do this and keep thinking they have flashy characters in funny costumes, we get Elektra all over again.

I haven't seen any of the Punisher movies, but they've had horrible reviews.

SallyP said...

Ooh, goodie, Lanterns to come.ddd

I was quite pleased to see The Chair in that scan with the Punisher. It's one of my favorite props of yours.