Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Enterprise doesn't carry enough red shirts to take on Rann.

Appropriately for new Trek, I think there's like two lens flares, or flash spots, in there...
In the new Star Trek movie, there could be any number of valid in-story reasons to use parachutes instead of jetpacks: their energy signature could be detected, they might not have the power to decelerate from orbit and still fly around, most humans may not have the necessary reflexes to use them effectively. That and if Kirk threw on a jetpack, it would have to be a pretty damn exciting scene or viewers are going to be thinking Buck Rogers or Rocketeer.

And although I like the idea of Adam Strange, I have relatively few of his appearances. I've read some of his most recent miniseries, and a good chunk of his Justice League showings; ranging all the way from Justice League of America to JLA to Justice League Adventures. I did enjoy his one-shot, where Grant Morrison points out that his adopted homeworld of Rann is ludicrously dangerous, but I've only seen a few of his 52 issues, and nothing since.

Both of these figures are three-and-three-quarter inch scale, or thereabouts; a scale I'm still resisting against. At least at full price. More on these figures tomorrow, though, and a new strip! See you then.


Siskoid said...

At least the jetpack is far enough back to avoid "fanny burn".

SallyP said...

Don't give him your, Adam, he'll just trade it for magic beans or something equally ludicrous.