Monday, June 29, 2009

The copyright infringement lawsuit from the X-Men will be there shortly:

What do you call that, the Stranger Room?  Danger Tomb? So not prepared today: I don't think I've had time to even read a comic for a couple of days. So, we've got a couple panels from Timber Wolf #3, written and inked by Al Gordon, pencils by Joe Phillips. I've mentioned enjoying this Legion of Super-Heroes spin-off before, even if T-Wolf, and his guest-star this issue, the Creeper, have both been rebooted at least once since then. After smashing up their ersatz Danger Room there, Timber Wolf dukes it out with the Creeper. For some reason.
The Creeper's just messing around, although this may be the first issue to play Jack Ryder as less playing insane, and a little more actually insane: T-Wolf notes, though, that "It's not madness I's chemicals." Which would make a lot of sense, really.

Guh, I'd best get the rest of this week started now, the way it's going so far...

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