Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Much like the Playboy Mansion, you're never getting past the door at Wayne Manor:

I freely confess to never having watched an entire episode of that show.  Now, if they had done a Fortress of Solitude episode...
Took a few minutes last night to try a few pictures with that Wayne Manor I picked up last weekend, and the DC Infinite Heroes Batman. I don't think he looks too bad with that, and I've been playing around with different things for the smaller scale: I keep meaning to try the Doomsday figure (from the pre-DCSH Superman line) that was a little small compared to the Superman in the same wave; with a DCIH Supes that he'll tower over. Doomsie will also be way more poseable, but still, worth a try.

I am also still really monkeying around with the lighting, especially with the smaller figures. It might be down to trial-and-error, but it's still fun.
Is there any way for Indy to hold that idol, or am I just lazy?
I don't know how Indiana Jones comics are selling--I've only read a few since the Marvel Super Special edition of Raiders of the Lost Ark. (And every time I remember that one, I wish I had it and the Blade Runner one again: not that they were all that great, but they remind me of my Grandpa on my mom's side, since I'm pretty sure that's where I read those...) But wouldn't a forties Batman/Indiana Jones crossover, not unlike the Byrne Captain America/Batman one-shot, be something? Hell, throw Cap in there. Why not?

Hmm. I probably should've saved this post, to cover while I'm on vacation next month. Well, I'm sure I'll come up with something else between now and then. Maybe.


CalvinPitt said...

Batman, steal is such an ugly word. Dr. Jones prefers "reappropriate"

Sea-of-Green said...

"It belongs in a museum!"

Classic. :-)

SallyP said...

I love your Wayne Manor. It...it's so stately.