Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If it takes me another twenty-seven years to get an action figure...well, I'll be OK with that.

Paul of Toy Bender recently posted a little heads-up over at Poe Ghostal's Points of Articulation, featuring a Wal-Mart exclusive Rebel Pilot three-pack. Now, I haven't bought a Star Wars figure in recent memory, so why do I mention it? One of the pilots is Shira Brie, from Marvel's Star Wars comic!
Does the thing on Luke's chest translate Artoo, or what?
Ah, that takes me back. From Star Wars #57, "Hello, Bespin, Good-bye!" Written (and plot) by David Michelinie, pencils (and plot) by Walter Simonson, inks by Tom Palmer. This was Shira's first appearance, and I was going to get into her further story, except A. I couldn't find issue #61, it's around here somewhere..., and B. There's about forty pages of write-up on Shira (and her future) over at Wookiepedia: spoilers ahoy, in case you were reading twenty-seven year old Star Wars comics. (Here's a hint: Shira's getting another action figure later as well...)

In that case, we won't go into Shira's story, except with this page, from "Shira's Story," Star Wars #60, again written (and plot) by David Michelinie, pencils (and plot) by Walter Simonson, inks by Tom Palmer.
On a day trip to Shira's homeworld, we discover A. her people were apparently at war with Beta Ray Bill's orange-skinned tribe, of Thor fame; and B. that guy with the beard looks kinda familiar...

I do believe Shira's second figure, under her later name, comes in a Comic Pack with Luke, and one of my favorite issues of the old Marvel series? Will I buy them? Hnnnh...maybe. I haven't bought a Star Wars figure for the proverbial dog's age, so we'll see if I crack.

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