Monday, July 12, 2010

"And now, behind the scenes, with Conan the Barbarian."

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Over at Poe Ghostal's Points of Acquisition, tonight his exclusive Spy Monkey Creations Dread Axe of the Hordes goes on sale! I'm ordering one, and heartily encourage you to do the same! (There is a two-axe limit, check it out for details.)

Now, I'm not just ordering one because I want it for Conan there, or to support Poe and Spy Monkey. No, I have a more selfish reason in mind: if sales of the Axe go well (and all indications are, they will) then they might give another weapon or accessory a go; and I'm hoping to get a Stormbringer-style sword, ala the cover of Michael Moorcock's Weird of the White Wolf. It's either that or sculpt it my damn self, which seems unlikely.

Best of luck, Poe! And everyone else, order soon! If you have any questions, 'axe' him! Ha-ha...I'm sorry.


SallyP said...

Conan obviously has more axes than he needs...but fewer than he WANTS!

And SO nice to see Pigbelt Blaidbottom again.

chiasaur11 said...

See, another reason to hate Axe deodorant. It disappoints Conan.