Monday, July 05, 2010

Taking the day off. Hope you do too.

It's raining like a mothersmurfer here, so along with working on a new BotU strip, I worked on the Star Wars Republic Gunship I got at a yard sale a few weeks back. It was missing the top pylons, the guns, the canopy and the drop-doors; so it's not exactly mint condition. Still, I cobbled together a clear canopy and a base with G.I. Joe dog tag bases for foot pegs.

I had got the speeder bike troop out, since I read online that a Republic speeder could fit in the dropship; and the old Return of the Jedi style one is way too big. The bike Deadpool's on is a Transformer, I believe Trenchmouth, a Decepticon. He's just a hair small for Pool to ride, but pretty close.
Back tomorrow. See you then!

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