Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Not doing a "Nobody" title joke, the book needs those...

A slow day here, so I re-read Oni Comics miniseries Nobody. It's not bad, and I heard it was being optioned for TV. Not too surprisingly: it could become an hour drama like Human Target pretty easily. And coincidentally, Nobody shares a story element with the comic version of Human Target: both had protagonists that could change their faces.

Although, it's not made explicit how Jessica, the titular Nobody, can change her face. And Jessica probably isn't her real name, either; but she's the latest in a line of Nobodies. The second issue features only a brief glimpse at her childhood training, and doesn't explain much. Still, Jessica is good at her Nobody job, since her determination seemingly overrides any sense of self-preservation that she may have. Actually, it's just that she doesn't care: since another Nobody will take her place if she dies, all that matters to her is the mission.

This four-issue series crams in a bit too much: along with the above, there's deals with demons--in fact, magic all over the place--and serial killers and abducted children and Nobody's support team. Still, the recurring elements would doubtless have been fleshed out in later issues, if there had been any.

Nobody wasn't even in the Grand Comics Database, so I took a minute to scan all four covers and submit them. TV might bring this back, so if you see it, give it a look.

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