Wednesday, July 07, 2010

"Doom's Patrol."

The money in Latveria has to be like Krugerrand's with Doom's face on 'em. It's a given.

I got the DCUC Negative Man last week, and was pretty pleased with him. I did have to hold out a bit to get the plain, bandaged-head version rather than the radioactive-skullface one; but he was less expensive than the now-standard $14.99 or so retail.

For me personally, that makes two-thirds of the Doom Patrol released, only needing Elasti-Girl to finish the group. I'd be happy with any size of Elasti-Girl (or -Woman, if you prefer) giant, normal, or tiny; and I don't especially need the Chief or any other members. Certainly not Mento.

Don't get this one? Check after the break, and each figure here may have been purchased with that joke in mind...

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CATR's Chris said...

I was wondering what kind of flag would the Doom Patrol have. Maybe one with an explosion and everybody dying or something.