Friday, July 16, 2010

Since we've got axes in mind this week...

Aw, I thought the Surfer had Terrax's axe on this cover, not Morgs's. Morg sucks. Oh my goodness, when I googled him to get his background info, I just finally realized his name is supposed to be like "morgue." I thought it was just a short, alien kinda name, like Mort or something. Well, he's dead now, so who cares.

I like Terrax better: he's a bloodthirsty, amoral butcher. Morg is like your extreme bloodthirsty, amoral butcher. More 90's. Actually, while he's a jerk; Terrax is usually a jerk that can be manipulated or worked with, and is occasionally written with some rudimentary sense of honor. Morg is simply an axe-psycho. I do kind of see how a writer may have thought Morg was somehow necessary, since Terrax was jobbed out a few times to the New Warriors, Dazzler, and at one point, the Kyle Rayner Green Lantern.

Still, I like Terrax's "Axe of Vengeance!" as he proclaimed it in New Warriors. I was going to find it for Monday's strip, but didn't. And it would've been a bit small anyway, since Terrax's one action figure was back in the Toy Biz's Fantastic Four line maybe fifteen years or so back. Scans from Silver Surfer #80, "Awakening" and #74, "Negotiation" Both written by Ron Marz, pencils by Ron Lim, and inks by Tom Christopher.

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