Thursday, November 15, 2012

80-Page Thursday: Dark Horse Presents #11!

This issue came out in April, so we're pretty much just telling you maybe you should've bought this one then: Dark Horse Presents #11, featuring stories from Francesco Francavilla, Evan Dorkin, Carla Speed McNeil, Neal Adams, and more.
Three new strips begin this month: Francavilla's Black Beetle: it reminds me of Eduardo Barretto. While the "Nazis after archeological artifact" plot has been done, well, so have pants. The question is style, and this has it. John Arcudi and Jonathan Case start a new The Creep serial, about a private eye with acromegaly who resembles actor Rondo Hatton. Pretty good so far. And then the Occultist, a newbie mystic hero working with and crushing on his cop partner. You may get a Buffy/Angel vibe from it; it's not the best chapter this issue, but would make a watchable show.
There's a stylish short "The Way Out" about a courier, the Russian mob, and the mysterious White Suits; another chapter of Adams' Blood and Steve Niles' Criminal Macabre and McNeil's great Finder, and Evan Dorkin Fun! and Milk & Cheese! Great stuff.
Since this came out in April, it may be floating around for you to pick up a copy your damn self; or Dark Horse may or may not have reprinted pieces of it by now--I'd bet Black Beetle may have been collected in a single #0 issue, maybe. Keep an eye out.

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Dale Bagwell said...

That Black Beetle character looks pretty damn good! I'm surprised that name slipped past DC's team of laywers, since they already have a character by that name, or they did before the reboot. I guess it was available then.

Funny Dorkin caption. You got to scan the whole thing for us....