Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Assuming the election isn't called for rain or anything else...

I think there's more words on this bloody Hostess ad than there are on an average page of any comic today. Hell, there may be more words then on one of my pages...(I'm writing this in 2011, so maybe it'll still hold true!) (And I wrote it well before any "superstorms," so I had no idea this would be kinda-sorta close to reality. A Hostess ad. That is troubling...)

Probably should've seen this on Seanbaby, but this Captain America Hostess ad was one I don't believe I'd seen before, from Turok, Son of Stone #107. (I posted a little about Turok, um, a year ago.) That issue also featured ads for the Six Million Dollar Man (versus Maskatron!) and two separate Evil Knieval knock-offs: Rockin' Rick and Trouble Patrol.

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