Wednesday, November 07, 2012

"The Ghost of Tom Joad Hal Jordan."

Last comic I saw with Hal and Sinestro, I think they actually were on the verge of getting sucked into Black Hand's death hole. Or whatever. It was pretty obviously done to get them off the page to make way for the new GL, Simon Baz. Just like this strip was pretty obviously done because I just got the DC Direct Hal Jordan/Spectre figure off eBay! $5.45...$4.50 of which was postage. He's not a particularly modern or articulated figure, but is glow in the dark!

As is so often the case, today's title has just about nothing to do with anything.


SallyP said...

This Is Magnificent!

Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Ha ha, very funny, especially the nut-punch. Classic Hal.

I will say I'm glad you only paid 5$ for that Hal/Spectre figure because, no offense bro, but that shit looks low-rent. As in homemade paint job and everything, even that sparkling green cape:)

I mean, I know the figure's basically a poorly-painted version of the old DC Direct Traveling Heroes Hal Jordan, but fuck that figure's ugly!

Great skit though, and very nice title:)