Tuesday, May 24, 2016

This panel might not be a non sequitur, if you have the previous issues...

From 1995, Justice League Task Force #19, "Savage Legacy, part III: Inquisition" Written by Mark Waid & Priest, pencils by Sal Velluto, inks by Mark McKenna.

The cover blurb is "The Enigmatic Savage," and since Legends of Tomorrow is getting ready to finish its season, I grabbed this issue up. Vandal Savage had enlisted the JLTF to investigate the theft of a list of his descendants: Savage would use them as unwilling organ donors whenever he needed a replacement to maintain his immortality. Whoever stole that list was killing Savage's descendants, presumably in the hopes of eventually killing Savage; but that list was potentially millions of lives.

The Task Force era's only big name was J'onn J'onnz; with Gypsy, Triumph, the Ray, and L-Ron the robot in Despero's body making up the team. Already there were hints that L-Ron might be losing control of the alien tyrant, and Triumph and Ray let some mysterious hoverbike goons think they're working with Savage, even if they don't seem to agree if Savage is a master planner or a dumb caveman. Meanwhile, one of Savage's goons (or a turncoat) stalks Gypsy, since he may have figured out her invisibility power. While J'onn works the case like a detective, the power source of Savage's palace is sabotaged, by the aforementioned goon, whom Savage kills before he can undo his work!

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Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

This actually sounds like a decent enough plot to use on Legends of Tomorrow. Rip Hunter and the team, hunting down Savage's decedents. It could work.