Monday, May 21, 2018

Darn, now I wanna read the Krypton/Oa War...

With the exceptions of Krypton and possibly Oa, Rann and Thanagar are probably the two best known alien worlds in the DC universe. (Unless you're a Legion fan, in which case it's obviously Bismoll.) So of course they've been pitted against each other multiple times, like today's book! From 1978, Showcase #103, "Adventures on Other Worlds" Written by Jack C. Harris, pencils by Allen Milgrom, inks by Murphy Anderson.

This would have been on the racks about a year after Star Wars, and feels very old-school in comparison. And it's only 17 pages? That feels like two strikes already; but on a positive note this feels like a greatest hits for Hawkman, with returning bad guys the Manhawks, Byth, and the Shadow-Thief. The latter of whom has his own Shadow-Squad now, in service to Thanagar's current queen, Hyathis. She had managed to cure the Thanagarians of a recent "equalizing plague" that took their individuality; and was rallying the rebuilt world against her old foe, Kanjar Ro, who had managed to likewise set himself up in power on Rann.

Ro's attempt on Hyathis's life is foiled, but that leaves her ruling Thanagar. And without Ro, Adam Strange was worried Rann was going to fall into civil war, which it apparently did. Hawkman and Hawkwoman are banished from Thanagar, and would be for a few years! I know I have the World's Finest issue where they might return; we might check that out sometime.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Now that's some solid Al Milgrom art man. Anderson's inks just make it look even better than it already did.