Friday, May 18, 2018

I hadn't planned on all annuals this week, but here we are.

Today's book falls smack dab in the middle of a plotline I vaguely recall the start and the end of, but just barely. Still, let's check out from 2009, Captain Britain and MI13 Annual #1, "The Harrowing of Hell" Written by Paul Cornell, pencils by Mike Collins, inks by Livesay.

Meggan had been lost while trying to save the 616-universe during House of M, and ended up trapped in hell. That would've been confusing in and of itself, but it seemed odd she wasn't in more pain in hell; which leads to a meeting with the lords of Hell, which includes Dormammu, Mephisto, and Hela. (Apparently Ahpuch of the Mayans had lost his seat at the big table.) Dormammu tricks her into using her empathic powers to be judged by hell, and takes a misshapen, monstrous form. Still, they've managed to piss her off, which gives Meggan a much needed focus.

Rallying an army behind her, Meggan has another meeting, this time with Pluto; who wanted in on the lords of Hell, and gives her the gift of a new form not unlike her usual self. I'm not sure this was how it always worked, but in hell, her empathic abilities were perfect: her armies, and even the opposing armies, would feel what she felt; a righteous anger towards the lords. But she still felt hope too, which her armies thus felt as well, possibly for their first time. In gratitude, they name Meggan "Gloriana," and always wanting a super-hero name, she takes it.

Meggan then leaves instructions for her army, to set up a new territory called Elysium (and give Pluto his due) then she begins her quest to find a way out of hell. Which she does, eventually finding what appears to be moonlight streaming in, a reminder of her early, werewolf-inspired days. But it's not just moonlight, it's a "fellow gypsy..."
Also this issue: a cricket match, in "British Magic" Written by Paul Cornell, art by Adrian Alphona. Brian Braddock, Captain Britain once again, is a bit distracted during the game; thinking of Meggan. But he remembers what she would've wanted for him in the end. And hey, an Excalibur era flashback with Kurt and Meggan playing video games!

I didn't read this title when it was new; and I'm not positive why not. I really liked Cornell's earlier Wisdom. Maybe I was just broke at the time...

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Dale Bagwell said...

My girlfriend actually bought this one, so I've read it too. Really, really good story, and it helps further flesh out Megan more, which hasn't been done in a long time. And now she's a mom. Go figure.

Read a few of the issues My gf bought of the Captain Britain and M13 series, and overall....criminally underrated and underappreciated.