Friday, May 11, 2018

Every time I see this cover...

...I can't help but think of this.

From 1981, Marvel Super-Heroes #101, reprinting 1972's Incredible Hulk #153, "The World, My Jury!" Written by Gary Friedrich, with extra dialogue by Roy Thomas, pencils by Dick Ayers and Herb Trimpe, inks by John Severin.

Recently captured by the Fantastic Four (with help from Spider-Man and Daredevil) the Hulk is facing trial, charged with "conspiracy against the well-being of every citizen of these United States." That's a bit much: I'd have to admit the Hulk's probably smashed up a chunk of Nevada or New Mexico, but he's never done anything to Montana or Maine...Matt Murdock comes in for the defense, feeling that the Hulk was "as much sinned against as sinning," but the deck may be stacked against him. The court date is rushed forward, possibly because the government doesn't want to give the Hulk the chance to escape, but leaving Matt little time for a defense strategy. But it feels like a show trial: with the Hulk gagged and bound during jury selection, Matt's pretty sure he's not going to get an impartial jury. (To say nothing of finding the Hulk's peers!)

While there are some protesters on the Hulk's side, the man is coming down hard on him, with General 'Thunderbolt' Ross up first to testify...which we don't actually see, at all. Instead, there's a cutaway to the Baxter Building, where current D.A. Foggy Nelson meets with Mr. Fantastic, who is fretting over the "Nega-Gamma" weapon he used to capture the Hulk: it should've turned him back into Banner, but didn't. Meanwhile, the Avengers show up in court as witnesses for the defense, but are blocked from offering any opinions. Matt is left no choice but to have the Hulk testify, but his ranting indicates he's not really competent for that. Still, the judge pushes on, until Mr. Fantastic enters the courtroom...through an airvent! He thought his Nega-Gamma might be able to cure the Hulk, which the Hulk wasn't really keen about.

Instead of curing the Hulk, though, it gives him just enough strength to escape! The prosecution is pissed, but can't prove Reed didn't just make a mistake; but Matt is pretty sure. And in the south Bronx, the under a pile of rubble, since his full strength hadn't returned yet.

Also this issue: A Herb Trimpe "Star Hulk" pin-up! Why...just because.

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Dale Bagwell said...

So Reed "accidently" let Hulk out on the sly huh. Nice one Brainiac.

That Star Hulk pin-up tho! Now that's a nice run they should've explored more using that pin-up as a the basis for the main story.