Friday, May 04, 2018

Y'know, I think today's going to be a great day!

Evergreen, that one. But sometimes things can turn around. Or turn up, like today's issue! From 2016, Spidey #10, "Bad Reputation" Written by Robbie Thompson, art by Nathan Stockman.

Thanks to J.Jonah Jameson's editorials and headlines, Spidey is about as popular as the plague; although they might cheat a little bit on the pictures: this was basically year one Spider-Man, yet he's already shown fighting the Hobgoblin, Tarantula, and the Kangaroo! Admittedly, that last one might just be to set up the headline "Spider-Man in Kangaroo's Pouch." Ick.

Luckily--or possibly by plan--Captain America runs into Spidey on patrol. Spidey thinks maybe he needs to get frozen for thirty years or so, maybe then he'd be as popular as Cap. But a heart-to-heart about why they do what they do is interrupted by A.I.M. And where there's A.I.M, there's M.O.D.O.K! Who is wrapped up really quickly, but he wasn't the villain that needed to be beat here...

After a recap with Agent Coulson, Cap is pretty pleased with how Spidey is turning out; which makes him markedly displeased to see the next day's headline in the Bugle: "Spider-Man, Agent of A.I.M.?" Cap marches down to the Bugle to set the story straight...and maybe take care of something else that bothered him.

We mentioned we were looking for this one when we looked at the last issue of the series, and it turned up soon enough. Haven't seen the rest yet, though. Those issues should have been collected in a digest, and I'd suspect they could eventually end up in one of the newsstand Archie-style ones they've been doing recently.

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Dale Bagwell said...

This is all kinds of awesome, especially for that Cap panel if nothing else.